Replica Comoda Model LuisXIV Stripe

Replica Comoda Model LuisXIV Stripe ID17341

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Width Depth Height Volume
137 50 77 0.52

The comfortable “pumped” always have been a classic of decoration, and remind us to the time of the reign of Louis XIV, the French Court, Versailles, Rococó… In short style, everything that we associate with the more luxury and exaggerated. Why this comada is so attractive: because it takes the best of those times and combines it in a way right with modernity look and the design of the 1950s.

According To the Color We are ready to created as per requesting.

  • Combinet Solid wood mahigany and Palywood in some area
  • Handle with Antiq Look Brass
  • There are 1 shelve on inside
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