Chair Sofa Model Curve water Hyacinth

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Product Code: ID13223

Product Description

1.About the Chair Sofa Model Curve water Hyacinth

This classic looking chair is made out of 100% water hyacinth webbing. The webbing is used to cover the entire chair frame. Beside of the classic look, the chair has tropical look and really stylish. Your room will be more beautiful with this handmade furniture in it. There are a lot of functions of this chair. Say for example, you can sit on the chair during your free time or leisure time. Enjoy reading books or listening music while sitting on this comfortable chair.

2.About the Dimension of the Product

The dimension of this product is as follow. For the width, the width is 77 cm. For the depth, the depth is 80 cm. For the height, the height is 78 cm. Last but not least, as for the volume, the volume is 0.52 m.

3.Why Choosing this Product?

There are numerous reasons why you should buy this product. First of all that it is beautiful and can really make your room pretty and unique. Second of all, the product is made out of water hyacinth material which is very strong. So, the water hyacinth furniture that you buy will last longer and very durable.

Product Dimension

Width Depth Height Volume
77 80 78 0.52






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