About Us

Established in 1991, PT.GABE INTERNATIONAL focuses business in manufacturing and exporting handmade indoor furnitures, outdoor furnitures and accessories home decoration. Since 1991 GABE International Furniture has supply wooden furniture to customers from France, Germany,The Netherland, USA, Spain, Italy, U.K, Greece, Turkey, Singapore,Bahama, Maldives,and Australia. The average present turn over of GABE is about 90 40ft container a year. About 75% of this is achieved from the indoor productsand only 25% from the outdoor products.

Since 1995 our company has established with strong reputation to suply furnitures for star hotels, villa, condominium. The hotel that suplied by PT.GABE INTERNATIONAL such as Soneva hotel, Club Med, Great Bay Hotels and Casino and others hotel in indonesia that we aren’t listing.

teakteakTeak is a kind of tropical tree with high quality of wood; strong robust and it is not easily shriveled under different temperatures. The teak wood commonly used for boat building, dock making and furniture. The height of the tree reaches 300 meters with more than 130 cm diameter.

Teak tree usually has small white flowers which are gradually ripe and each become a small cherry contains oil. Original teak contains more elements and has a nice-looking shape with the intensity and robustness not comparable to other types of wood. Contains lot of oil that make it stable and resistant when left dried in the sun for years and will not affected by the weather condition during the change of the season.


teakteakteakJava Teak Plantation, developed by the dutch nearly two hundreds years ago, and now is owned and managed by Indonesian Government. Perum Perhutani ( Indonesian Public Corporation Forestry ) is responsible for managing a strict policy regarding the size and the quality of trees felled each year.

Perum Perhutani diligently has applied the policy of cutting and replanting that has been the base of successfully teak wood cultivation in java since the middle of 19th century.


teak woodteak woodSOLID WOOD. Our teak furniture made of Solid Teak Wood obtained from renewable Government Plantations in Indonesia (harvested at 20 year cycles, first planted by Dutch Colonists about 200 years ago).

KILN DRIED. All Solid Teak Wood used in our products is kiln dried to a moisture content of 8 - 15%. This process is vastly superior to Air Drying offered by others. Kiln Drying ensures wood dryness at the core (not just the surface) and therefore eliminates or reduces checking, cracking, splitting and warpage.