Wood Carving in Jepara County

Wood carving in Jepara started in the 15th century. It was originally considered an art form. Products were exclusively owned by the nobility and were not for commercial consumption by the common people. The development of the industry was very slow and it went unnoticed until the 18th century when Kartini, the first Indonesian woman leader, popularized the art form. Wood carvers began producing articles for trade from that time.

The industry began to boom in the 1970s with the provision of this technological guidance and market information by the Department of Industry. By 1984, about 1,560 units were in operation, dispersed over 7 districts covering 77 villages and employing around 16,000 skilled labourers.

In Java, state-owned Perhutani (Indonesian Forest Corporation) is the sole supplier of logs through auctions, either directly to entrepreneurs with handicraft units, or through wholesalers who resell them at second auctions. This trading system is called over-kapling and buyers bid on the basis of a list provided by the wholesaler. Retailers allow purchasers to inspect individual logs, and the price paid per cubic meter is consequently much higher.


indonesiaJepara is the small county in Central Java, Indonesia, this county is reachable via Semarang the capital city of Central Java.

Get in by plane to Semarang
As the Capital City of Central Java Province , Semarang is the main entrance to start your visit to Jepara (The Heart of Javanese Carving and Indonesia furniture industry).

One of three gates to Jepara is: Achmad Yani International Airport , Semarang. The domestic airlines to and from Central Java are Garuda Indonesia. While International Flight from Semarang - Singapore by Garuda Indonesia every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Departure : 06.50 ; Arrival : 09.50 ; Flight No. : GA.874) and from Singapore - Semarang by Garuda Indonesia are every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. (Departure : 17.10 ; Arrival : 18.05 ; Flight No. : GA.875).


central java mapGet in by Taxi to Jepara
Most visitors optionally travel by taxi, which is cheap and occasionally even fast. The best choice is to use airport taxi. As of October 2010, flagfall is Rp 5000 and the meter then ticks up by Rp 2600/km. Tipping is not necessary but rounding the meter up to the nearest Rp 10000 is expected.

Easiest way to get into Jepara
Call or message us a day before arrive in Semarang, we will send car and guide to pick you up from the airport to jepara. Call Mr.Linggom  at +62 291 595555 or  Mobile  +62 817 453680 message to:info (at) i-gabe.com

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