Baby Bed California , Made From solid mahogany wood, it is confort and safe, for your baby

Minimalist Bed room Set Made From solid Teak wood, combined with wooden ornament crafted, on middle of the Bed and center of buffet and nite stands

Living room furniture Minimalist collection serie reza, Made From teak Solid wood, and all the cover cushion material made by Sunbrella

Dining Table Set with Minimalist design , made from Solid teak wood, combination with marble top for the Table

Bed Set, Empire Colletion , Made with Mahogany Solid wood, combine with leather for Upholstery, finishing color with mahogany brown, combine with gold.

Ready Stock


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These are some of what our customers say about us.

Dear Ms. Ida, dear Mr. Linggom,

your container reached us today, and we have started unwrapping the first items. Until now we have found nothing damaged; no scatches, no broken lass, no damaged leather surfaces. And the items look even prettier in reality than on your pictures. Thus once more, thank you so much for all the time and efforts that you have put into this order, and for assisting us with the countless bureaucratic barriers of a container delivery that have been new to us in this very first oversea delivery. We will send you pictures of the furnitured rooms when the last items are unwrapped and ready for use. Some of our friends and clients have already expressed their interest in getting furniture for their offices and homes as well, so we may get back to you with — if you let us :-)

Kind regards

Da*** Kastenholz - Anschrift: Reichensteiner Weg 5

Dear P***n

Thank you for the updated order. I am very happy with the prices I very much appreciate how quickly you are responding to my questions – it is very refreshing.

Your eye for design is very good and I am hopeful that we can build a good business relationship. Our first order is for display stock for our brochure, showroom and for the furniture exhibition.

Once we receive that order, we would then immediately order more pieces so that we can fulfill orders that we will hopefully take from the trade show. We would then hope to be shipping at least 1 container a month.

John Newstead - UK

Your sample is beautiful. I love the scripture,The stain and wood looks great. Overall, you have a great product. I would like to see if we can keep these corrections as a standard.

Charles - Nevada,USA

On a further note, I also have some very good news from my side: the carpentry’s workmanship & the finishing quality had been greater then previous shipped orders. They are very happy with this particular last order that GABE has supplied.

CCC - Spain